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 ...the giant of constructivism "Not only did the SCENE project and partners benefit from his renowned expertise in PBL, but also from his tireless effort to make an impact in the worldwide educational context"


Romania, 26th - 27th March 2013: a remarkable chance for SCENE National Facilitators!

J. Mergendoller (Buck Institute for Education, USA), as worldwide expert on PBL, trained the Facilitators on the PBL pedagogy, stage by stage (problem scenarios designing, managing and assessing). P.Rudman and P. Edirisingha (University of Leicester, UK), as e-learning experts, trained the Facilitators on how to use the "SCENE PBL working environment" (VLE). A pre-testing session to test the VLE usability was arranged among a small sample of target groups.

Training sessions: here the PPT on PBL and the video on how to use the SCENE e-platform forum