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 ...the giant of constructivism "Not only did the SCENE project and partners benefit from his renowned expertise in PBL, but also from his tireless effort to make an impact in the worldwide educational context"



What the PBL is?

The PBL – Problem Based Learning - is a pedagogical method where learners have the opportunities to build on prior knowledge and understanding to construct new knowledge and understanding from authentic experience. Instead of requiring that students study content knowledge and then practice context-free problems, PBL embeds students’.


Which are the main advantages of the PBL pedagogy?

Thanks to the PBL students are more engaged in their learning process as active actors. Students are allowed to confront problems full of meaning because of their real-life context. During the problem solving process, working toward a solution to the problem, they construct content knowledge and develop problem-solving skills and team, self-directed learning skills.


What are the main objectives of SCENE project?

The SCENE project aims to train and guide professionals of the educational field who want to apply the PBL pedagogy in their own classroom and so become a PBL facilitators by using an innovative ICT enabled solution: “SCENE PBL working environment”. The “SCENE PBL working environment” allows teachers and trainers to become expert in PBL thanks to a structured training path that includes an on line course (practical and theoretical) and a “virtual facilitator” that aims to support users in applying immediately in their own classroom what they have just learned on the PBL approach.


Who are the SCENE project beneficiaries /target groups?

The SCENE project target groups are the following:

  1. Teachers (formal education/secondary schools)
  2. Trainers (continuous training/vocational training agencies)
  3. Headmasters / school managers (formal education/continuous training)


What is a “Virtual Facilitator”?

A Virtual Facilitator is a “virtual” assistance available on line within the “SCENE PBL working environment” who can guide users personally in selecting and designing problem scenarios, as well as in applying the PBL with their students.


Can I learn the PBL pedagogy and apply it in my classroom and how?

Yes you can, by taking part to the SCENE project training path. The participation in the project is FREE. For further information write us: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


Can I sign in the project and what are the main advantages I can get signing it in?

Sign in the project filling in the exploitation form by clicking “the pencil” from the SCENE web site “home page". You will receive information on the project progress thanks tp the project e.Newsletter.


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