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 ...the giant of constructivism "Not only did the SCENE project and partners benefit from his renowned expertise in PBL, but also from his tireless effort to make an impact in the worldwide educational context"


Target groups

SCENE project answers to the Lifelong Learning "transversal" Programme by developing an innovative learning methodology based on ICT tools for the professionals of the educational and VET system, in particular addressed to three different target groups:

  1. Teachers (formal education/secondary schools)
  2. Trainers (continuous training/vocational training agencies)
  3. Headmasters / school managers (formal education/continuous training)


Throughout the project teachers, trainers and headmasters/ school leaders have the opportunity to practice the PBL methodology through an ICT based solution - "SCENE PBL working environment" - each one according to their own specific discipline. Thus, for each target group the topics identified (they experienced during the project) are the following:

  1. Teachers = science
  2. Trainers = business studies (marketing/sales), ICT and languages
  3. Headmasters / school managers = management and leadership