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 ...the giant of constructivism "Not only did the SCENE project and partners benefit from his renowned expertise in PBL, but also from his tireless effort to make an impact in the worldwide educational context"


Expected results


With the purpose to achieve the project main goal to promote the adoption of the "SCENE PBL working environment" for the diffusion of the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodology within the educational and VET system, the SCENE expected results are the following:

  • production of an on line ICT based solution ("SCENE PBL working environment") for the PBL methodology practicing and scenarios construction;
  • undertaken of practical experience and delivering of a theoretical course on the PBL methodology to at least n. 48 teachers, 48 trainers and 48 headmasters/ school managers at European level;
  • promotion of the adoption of the PBL methodology as teaching method among teachers, trainers and headmasters/school managers of the European educational and VET system.


The main project outputs/ products as result of the core Work packages are the following:

  • Instructional Design Handbook (methodology)
  • Executive Project (technology)
  • Course Curriculum (course contents: both practical and theoretical)

SCENE PBL working environment which includes:

  • e-learning platform
  • PBL multilingual repository
  • Virtual Facilitator