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 ...the giant of constructivism "Not only did the SCENE project and partners benefit from his renowned expertise in PBL, but also from his tireless effort to make an impact in the worldwide educational context"




Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is perhaps the most innovative instructional method conceived in the history of education. Two studies revealed that PBL graduates rate themselves better prepared professionally than their counterparts in terms of interpersonal skills, cooperation skills, problem solving skills, self-directed learning, information gathering, professional skills (e.g. running meetings), and the ability to work and plan efficiently and independently (Schmidt & Van Der Molen, 2001; Schmidt, Vermeulen, & Van Der Molen, 2006).

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) not only enhances students' self-regulated learning, but also the professional development of those teaching these classes.


Problem-Based Learning (PBL) applied as a professional development model is an authentic mean of stimulating reflective, insightful, professional growth.


The SCENE "ProfeSsional development for an effeCtive PBL approach: a practical experiENce through ICT-enabled lEarning solutions" is a project co-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Program (Key Activity 3: ICT). The project duration is two years and half, from January 2012 and to June 2014. It aims at developing an innovative training methodology supported by an ICT enabled solution whit the purpose to train and guide professionals of the educational field (teachers, trainers and headmasters/school managers) who want to become effective Problem Based Learning-PBL facilitators.


The project final aim is the improvement of quality in teaching or team management and of teachers/trainers/school leaders skills through the:

  • - acquisition of a method based on "learning by doing" and "peer to peer" approaches;
  • - transfer of the ability to identify problems of different types and level of complexity and the ability to design and implement an appropriate "scenario";
  • - transfer of the ability to assess the quality of the problem solving process and related results.


The main innovation of the SCENE project is the idea of integrating PBL methodology with an innovative ICT based environment to modernize education and to meet current and future challenges to improve the quality of teacher education. In detail, the project innovation deals with three different aspects:

  1. Innovative Content: SCENE aims at developing and testing a practical and theoretical course on PBL targeted on different types of problems for different disciplines (science, business studies, languages, ICT) and different target groups (teachers, trainers, headmasters/school managers);
  2. Innovative Methodology: SCENE wants to favor an experiential learning as well as creativity and learning by doing approach based on an "inductive method" (from practical to theory) which allows teachers, trainers, headmasters/school managers to experience the PBL methodology and then learn to turn practice into theory.
  3. Innovative Technology: thanks to an ICT blended solution SCENE copes with the implementation of a comprehensive on line "PBL working environment" constituted by an e-learning platform, a PBL repository and a Virtual Facilitator developed through the Intelligent Agent -IA technology. The Virtual Facilitator offers a guidance service targeted to the needs of different target groups. According to the target groups different requirements and types of problems /disciplines, the Virtual Facilitator guides them in selecting and writing appropriate and effective scenarios taking into consideration the specific field of study and the nature of the problem.